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The Military Technological College has a wide range of facilities and services spread out over an estimated area of 220 000 square metres. Classrooms, workshops, student accommodation, catering facilities, administrative buildings and sports and recreation areas were designed to the highest architectural standards in terms of both construction and design quality and health and safety requirements.

Campus Tour?
Feature the video showing drone entering the campus…. (Raid Khalaf got it from PR)

Main Entrance Gates
There are two entrance gates on the east side of the campus. The main entrance, next to the Al-Matar Roundabout, is used by staff and visitors. Student access to the campus is via the second gate. Students and staff are required to show their MTC ID when entering the campus and other visitors may be required to present and/or leave their Civil ID with security. Commercial vehicles are not permitted on campus.

Muscat Building
Muscat Building, distinguished by its creative architecture, is the main administration building at MTC. It includes the Offices of the Dean, Vice Deans and other senior management, the Learning Resources Centre (LRC), over 50 offices and meeting rooms, as well as a cafe on the ground floor.

Al-Asalah Building
The Admission and Registration Department is located upstairs in the Al-Asalah Building and it is the main point of contact for all current and prospective students, and their family members. On the ground floor is a branch office of Dhofar Bank and ATM, as well as a supermarket serving the needs of students and staff on campus.

The Masjid of MTC is a beautifully constructed building on the main avenue, which is easily accessible from all areas of the campus. Religion is a significant aspect of life at MTC and the College gives special attention to preserving and strengthening students’ Islamic faith along with accepting the beliefs and religions of others. The Imam, in coordination with the Administration and Human Resources Department, Is responsible for the Azan (call to prayer) and for organising Islamic lectures and other events.

Central Courtyard
The Central Courtyard is the heart of the campus and features the MTC Clock Tower. Muscat Building, the MTC Auditorium and the teaching blocks for each of the academic departments are arranged around the Courtyard, which is usually used for the morning assembly of students. The Central Courtyard is also used for large events such as graduation ceremonies and MTC Annual Day.

Parade Ground
The Parade Ground is an expansive field area that is used for the student parade during military and sports events. It accommodates more than 1500 people including a shaded seating area for 432 attendees and 51 VIP guests.

The College has a purpose-built auditorium with a large stage and the capacity to seat xxx guests. Featuring state-of-the-art audio, visual and lighting systems, the Auditorium is a regular venue for conferences, lectures, seminars and cultural programmes, as well as various other academic and extra-curricular events.

Exhibition Centre
The MTC Exhibition Centre provides substantial, multi-purpose indoor space with the flexibility to host a range of events and activities. With a capacity of xxx, it is used for large student assemblies, as an examination halls and for public events such as MTC Open Days.

Khasab Building
Khasab Building, located across from the Auditorium, houses a large examination space that includes over 100 computer stations. Anything else here?




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