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The Military Technical College contains (55) facilities, which were established with an estimated area of 220 thousand square meters, and these facilities vary between classes buildings, workshops, student and staff dormitories, administrative buildings and other support services. These facilities were designed with the highest standards and specifications of architecture in terms of design quality with implementing the health and safety requirements.

Muscat Building

Muscat Building, distinguished by its creative architecture, is    the main administration building at MTC. It includes the Offices of the Dean, Vice Deans and other senior management, the Learning Resources Centre, offices and meeting rooms.

Parade Ground

The Parade Ground is a field area that is used for students’ parade during military events and other sports events. It accommodates more than 1500 persons, and the sitting area accommodates about 51 VIP and 432 attendees.

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre provides a variety of library services to meet the needs of the beneficiaries through mechanisms and channels that provide the service with the required speed and effectiveness. It also provides many services, including borrowing services, reference services, data bases, internet service, electronic resources and other services.


MTC is provided with four main workshops for field training equipped with high quality technologies specialized in the fields of the engineering programmes of MTC. For instance, the workshops are provided with military aircrafts, ships, cars, and other technical materials that are used for practical application.

Central Courtyard

The Central Courtyard is a wide space which is usually used for the morning assembly of students. It is also used for event purposes such as the graduation ceremony, festivals, seminars and other events.


In order to provide a comfortable environment and special privileges to all students and staff members, on-site furnished accommodation is available at MTC campus.


MTC Sports Complex provided with modern and variable facilities and equipment, which is managed by a highly qualified team. Sports Section is also responsible for the preparation of competitions and tournaments indoor and outdoor.

Medical Centre

The HR Department, in conjunction with the College Health & Safety Committee and all Departments and operational units in the college, affords top priority to workplace Health and Safety standards to protect human health and enable employees deliver to the best of their potential.  All MTC employees are provided with medical facilities through a well-equipped on-campus medical centre, operating daily in addition to providing round the clock emergency service.

The Mess of MTC

MTC Mess provides three meals a day with special services starting from the diverse menu to the dinning and event halls. It also provides take away and online meal booking services.

The Masjid of MTC


Religion is a very significant aspect to which MTC gives a special attention in order to preserve and strengthen students’ Islamic faith along with accepting others’ beliefs and religions. MTC provides a Masjid that accommodates a large number of worshipers. The Imam, in coordination with the HR department, is responsible for Azan (calling for prayer) and organizing religious events like lectures and contests.

Shopping Store

MTC is provided with a grocery store. Students and staff of MTC can get their needs quicky and easily by shopping in-campus.


MTC Auditorium is an in-door theatre that is equipped with 500 seats for audience and a stage with its technical attachments for performance. It also includes two translation rooms provided with translation equipment for conferences and other events, and three halls used for hospitality, waiting and display purposes.

Entertainment Club

The entertainment centre is provided with many entertainment facilities such as electronic games and screens, billiards and table tennis. It serves as an outlet where the students can spend their free time, meet their friends and make new friends.

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