Vocational Training

Vocational Training

Training Needs Analysis is set to prepare students and qualify them for jobs that depend mainly on technical and professional activities, which are usually not academic. The training contributes to refining the students’ skills and help them gain practical experience necessary for their future careers. Such essential training leads to obtaining qualified graduates capable of leading and accelerating the country development.

Training Needs Analysis plays a prominent and important role in linking the theoretical study with the practical reality, as it gives the student an opportunity to get acquainted with the work climate and the surrounding environment. The Military Technological College was distinguished by having a department concerned with the Vocational Training, which determine the technical specialties in need to build capable cadres.


Objectives :

  • Preparing technicians with scientific knowledge and practical skills that supply the Sultan’s Armed Forces and other security services.
  • Reducing the period of practical training after graduation. The graduates become licensed technicians in a short period, as students, upon graduation, will have received advanced theoretical education and practical training.
  • Providing a lot of equipment from the beneficiary and providing simulators of machinery used by the beneficiaries to enhance education and training.
  • Following-up with students after graduation and get feedback from them. This, in turn, helps update the practical courses in a way that serves the beneficiaries.
  • Establishing a liaison between the MTC and the beneficiaries for training development.
  • Determining the needs of the beneficiaries.
  • Including the training needs of the beneficiaries within the academic curriculum for students to fulfill the required scientific training program.
  • Coordinating reinforcement visits to expose students to work environments and train them on the devices, machines and equipment that will be used at work in the future.


An Overview of MTC Workshops:

The MTC workshops are one of the most important sources of learning, as they were built on the latest systems and contain equipment suitable for educational purposes. These workshops are also equipped with compressed air technology, fire detection and extinguishing system, Internet service, surveillance cameras, lighting, ventilation, cranes, cooling and air conditioning system, classrooms, and laboratories. The MTC has four workshops:

General Workshop

It is considered the first workshop that students enroll in after completing the Foundation program, and through which the student receives basic engineering skills and includes:

  • Fundamentals of Engineering
  • Metal cutting
  • Metal Forming
  • Turning, welding
  • Electrical basics: houses / vehicles

Systems Engineering Workshop

It includes:

  • Mechanical and Electrical simulators for vehicles
  • Air Pressure System
  • Engine and Transmission Simulators
  • Vehicles and Armor
  • Heavy Weapons

Aviation Engineering Workshop

It includes:

  • Aviation Mechanical and Electronic Simulators
  • Model Aircraft Engines
  • Flight System Simulators
  • A Helicopter and Two Fighter Jets
  • Civilian Transport Aircraft
  • Hawk Fighter Aircraft

Marine and Civil Engineering Workshop

It includes:

  • Marine Equipment and Civil Engineering Equipment
  • A Patrol Ship
  • Sonar Lab