Students Activities

Students Activities

It is a series of cultural, literature and sports programs, events and activities and community participation that the student carries out during his study period at the Military Technological College, and is under the supervision of the College. These activities basically aim to develop students’ social, religious, cultural and physical skills, so that they are practiced individually or collectively to achieve its main objectives. It is divided into four different committees as follows: the Cultural Committee, the Sports Committee, the Catering Committee, and the Security and Safety Committee.

Objectives of the Cultural Committee

  1. To nurture and develop students’ talents in various cultural fields (science and literature).
  2. To organize cultural, literature and religious competitions in the form of an Open Cultural Week held inside the campus of the College.
  3. To provide students with opportunities to participate in knowledge and cultural activities at the college level.
  4. To hold cultural exhibitions with the participation of civilian and military institutions.
  5. To encourage the cultural and creative tendency of students.

Objectives of the Sports Committee

  1. To play the role of the vocal point between the Sports Department and the students of MTC in submitting the requirements and suggestions that contribute to creating a high-quality sports training environment.
  2. To organize internal sports tournaments and external participations in cooperation with the Sports Department.
  3. To instill the concept of the significance of sports and physical fitness among students.
  4. To hold awareness and educational lectures on a regular basis in the field of sports.

Objectives of the Security and Safety Committee

  1. To create a safe and stable work environment, and an ideal learning environment.
  2. To spread security awareness of the various legal fields such as crimes and security cases among the students of MTC.
  3. To organize security exhibitions according to the available capabilities.
  4. To organize fire-fighting exercises and to get familiarized with the locations of assembly points in the case of evacuation in cooperation with the relevant departments at the College.
  5. To conduct theoretical and practical lectures on first aid in cooperation with the Medical Center of MTC.

Objectives of the Catering Committee

  1. To prepare a plan for the Catering Committee for the students of MTC.
  2. To hold educational lectures on healthy nutrition.
  3. To develop appropriate solutions in order to improve catering services provided to students.
  4. To prepare the daily menus to suit the requirements of students.
  5. To implement workshops to educate students about the importance of following appropriate nutrition, especially during the stage of study and the military training.