Student Counselling

Student Counselling

Student Counselling Unit is located at Admission and Registration Department, which basically aims to help students understand the academic, social and psychological problems that may face students and guide them towards finding the appropriate solutions in order to achieve the main objective of the College. Which is producing a successful generation that is well prepared to contribute in the development of this Country.


Seeking to provide guidance and counselling services for students in accordance with the standards and expectations of the Military Technological College.


Providing professional psychological and social counselling services for students in a confidential manner to preserve the student’s privacy, which helps them in building their characters and adapting the military and academic environment. These services also, helps students to be active members in the College during their studies or even in the community after graduation through achieving the military and academic goals.

SCU focuses on several tasks that should be implemented throughout the academic year:

  1. Receiving students individually; discussing their problems and their dimensions and impact on the academic life of the student.
  2. Guiding students towards the correct ways to solve the problems they face and that may cause them frequent absence from lectures and the morning parade.
  3. Documenting all the cases of students with detailed reports of each case and the actions taken as a result.
  4. Participating in the preparation of programs and events related to raising awareness of counselling services.
  5. Studying the abnormal behaviors of some students, which may affect their academic life, and addressing these behaviors.
  6. Informing students of the military discipline instructions that are followed in the College in order to avoid behaviors that violate these laws and instructions.
  7. Helping students to modify their unwanted behaviors and replace them with desirable and acceptable ones through the publications prepared by the Unit.
  8. Encouraging students to practice social values like mutual respect and communication skills in order to build a successful social personality.
  9. Announcing the programs and activities that are regularly organized by SCU for students and encouraging them to visit the Unit without any hesitation.
  10. Carrying out awareness campaigns scheduled and programmed to be held in the classrooms during the semester, which are held in the classrooms, in order to overcome any obstacles that may face the students in terms of their awareness and adherence to the rules and regulations of the College and find the most appropriate ways to improve their academic level.

Mechanisms of Implementing Student Counselling Process:

  • Counselling Interview.
  • Individual Counselling.
  • Group Counselling.
  • Developmental Counselling.