The MTC, established under the directives of His Majesty, the Late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, may Allah rest his soul in peace, aims at integrating technological education with military training in order to be a significant tributary to the Ministry of Defence and the arms of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and other military and security apparatuses in Oman.


To deliver trade, specialist, undergraduate and post-graduate engineering programs to all MOD service personnel and other security services, in a well-equipped and high quality learning and training environment, resulting in the acquisition and application of knowledge and the achievement of operational competence and effectiveness at all levels.


MTC will be internationally positioned amongst the best all-service providers of academic and technological education along with military training.


  1. To hold a high local and international position in providing academic education alongside military, professional and technical training within the framework of well-studied five-year plans.
  2. To provide the military, security, and civilian institutions with specialized cadres in several technical fields.
  3. To contribute to the qualification of the technical cadres serving various military and civilian institutions.
  4. To contribute to the development of the technological systems implemented in all public (military and civilian) and private institutions in line with the local and international development of technology.