The Military Technological College celebrated World Mental Health Day by organizing an event including several sessions held by the Admission and Registration Department, represented by the Student Counseling Unit, aiming at raising awareness of students on the significance of mental health. This event comes within the awareness program organized for MTC 8th batch of students, taking in account all the precautionary measures against Covid-19 in order to ensure the safety of students and the audience. The event included several sessions addressing the theme of mental health, starting from the importance of establishing an international day to celebrate mental health to presenting educational visual presentations with personal experience of one of the students talking about facing psychological challenges and how to overcome mental problems. The event also, included an awareness lecture delivered by Dr. Nawal bint Nasser Al Muhaigri, Consultant Psychiatrist at Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health. The lecture discussed how to manage anger employing emotional intelligence skills, how to become a successful leader using emotional intelligence skills and how to apply them in different situations.