MTC Management

MTC Chairman

On behalf of His Highness the Deputy Prime Minister for Defense Affairs, and on behalf of all members of the Board of Directors of the Military Technological College, I am pleased to welcome you to the Military Technological College, this lofty scientific edifice and an important tributary to the engineering and technical cadres working in the Ministry of Defence and the arms of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and the other Sate’s Military and security apparatuses.

The Military Technological College is one of the higher education institutions in the Sultanate that has achieved its vision to be one of the best colleges that provide academic education and technical training as well as military training, by providing engineering programs and university majors for military and security institutions in a highly equipped educational and training environment.

Through its distinguished academic and military cadres, the quality of its facilities, services, and advanced educational technology means, the Military Technological College provides its students with distinct and effective education that enables them to obtain information and knowledge better and faster. The college grants its graduates an advanced diploma and a bachelor’s degree in engineering in various specializations. It grants certificates that have local and international recognition from a number of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world. In addition to what the students gain as academic degrees upon graduation, they are also armed with high professional skills that help them work efficiently and proficiently in the various bodies to which they belong.

Based on the belief that success after God’s grace can only come through knowledge and perseverance, the college administration has been keen to consolidate this concept and urge students to achieve and perpetuate it to be a beacon for excellence and workmanship, whether through their academic program at the college or through their career path after graduation.

The college administration has been keen on translating the directions and goals of Oman 2040 Vision and aligning them with all current and future plans and strategies in the college. We are also working hard to put the Oman Vision 2040 into practice to reach sustainable higher education and scientific research that leads to a knowledge society with qualified and competitive national capabilities.

Upon God, we call for help,

Major General Pilot / Khamis bin Hammad Al-Ghafri, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the College
MTC Dean

It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the Military Technological College in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman via our interactive website.

The Military Technological College (MTC) was established in 2013 following a decree by His Majesty, the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said, with the vision of becoming one of the best military and applied non-military technological education and training providers both regionally and globally.

Students recruited to the Royal Army of Oman, the Royal Air Force of Oman, the Royal Navy of Oman, the Ministry of Defence Engineering Services and Oman Air commence their studies with comprehensive foundation programmes which aim to enrich the knowledge and skills that they require to successfully embark on specialised study in one of: Systems engineering, Aeronautical engineering, Marine engineering, Civil engineering and Quantity surveying, and Geomatics engineering.

Our broad spectrum of diploma and degree programmes are validated by our partner institution, the University of Portsmouth, and accredited by internationally recognised professional engineering institutions. The college is also an approved EASA Part147 training institution. The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Oman have certified the college to conduct their EASA Courses.

We are proud to provide our students with state-of-the-art facilities that create an optimal learning environment and prepare them to thrive in dynamic engineering professions. To this end, we encourage all students to make the most of their time during their academic and military training journey, using every opportunity to enhance their practical skills and professional competencies.

In addition to our programmes for full-time students, the College is committed to the continuing education and training of Ministry of Defence personnel and the wider engineering and defence communities by creating knowledge-sharing opportunities through short courses, workshops, and seminars. The College has also hosted various local and international conferences which have attracted stakeholders and researchers from key industrial sectors with whom we have been able to build relationships conducive to academic and industrial cooperation.

Finally, I wish to commend all the dedicated staff at MTC, who demonstrate their commitment to our vision and mission daily. To our students, I wish you every success in your personal and professional ambitions.  For our country, may we persevere to achieve continued growth and prosperity under the prudent leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik, the Supreme Commander, may the Almighty Allah protect him.

Ameed (Eng)/Colonel Dr. Mohamed Bin Aziz AL Siyabi, Dean of Military Technological Collage
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Peace Be Upon You,

I welcome you to the website of the Military Technological College. I hope that the website will be useful to you in providing a comprehensive overview of its various programs and activities.

The college was established to provide the Ministry of Defence and the Sultan’s Armed Forces with specialized technical and engineering cadres through academic programs that are associated with the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom and accredited by various international academic accreditation bodies.

This is to consolidate the various engineering principles and theories according to the disciplines offered by the college. Besides the academic programs, the college offers a technical training program that provides students with the technical and practical skills that qualify them for the fieldwork. This is also achieved by having more than 120 laboratories and practical workshops covering various engineering disciplines. These facilities are led by a charade of professional academic and experienced technical staff.

The college also develops the disciplined and responsible personality in students through training programs, military and sports education and student counselling that are held periodically. The Military Technological College provides, through its facilities, all the necessary services for students, such as housing, food, sports and recreational facilities, and health services, all on an integrated campus. I am sure that the experience of studying at MTC is unique and will remain in the minds of our students as the first stage of success in their social and professional lives.

We earnestly strive for the Military Technological College to be one of the most prestigious engineering and technical tributaries locally and regionally, by applying the highest quality standards in education and training. The academic and technical programs are updated with the requirements of technological and industrial progress in general and the requirements of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence in particular. Our motto is “knowledge and Perseverance.”

I welcome you once again, and I wish you, and all students, success and prosperity.

Eng. Bader AlGhanimi, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Vice Dean for Finance & Support

Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of God,

I am pleased to welcome you all to this lofty edifice and beacon of science and technology for the Ministry of Defence – the Military Technological College – which was established under the noble directives of the late Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, to provide the Ministry of Defence with qualified technicians.

The Office of the Vice Dean for Finance and Support provides administrative and financial support for all administration and finance departments in accordance with the rules and regulations. It also supervises, develops and rehabilitates human resources in various fields. The Office also prepares the annual budget and follows up on disbursement and meets all the support and assignment needs of the academic departments of the college.

The Office provides support to the Dean of the College in all administrative, organizational and leadership matters by developing and implementing policies and procedures that ensure the achievement of the vision, mission and strategic objectives of the Military Technological College, in line with the indicators of Oman Vision 2040.

The Office of the Vice Dean for Finance and Support has set its slogan to work in a spirit of cooperation and participation for its supervision of the departments of Finance, Estates and Facilities Management, Human Resources, Information Technology and Systems, Admission and Registration, Student Information Tracking System and the Virtual Learning Environment Department.

In conclusion, the Military Technological College wishes everyone success.

AQEED/ Mohamed bin Abdullah Al-Kindi, Vice Dean for Finance and Support
Director of the Military Activities

On behalf of all the members of the Directorate of the Military Activities, we are pleased to welcome you to the Military Technological College. The Directorate of the Military Activities is the authority responsible for implementing the military training program for our students. This program has been designed in line with the educational vision of the College and concurrent in its implementation with the academic program for students. It is implemented in different training stages throughout the student’s study period at the College.

The military training program aims to develop the student’s skills in basic military sciences, consolidate the concept of military discipline and to enhance the student’s mental and physical capabilities, through a series of courses, programs and continuous awareness lectures in various military, security and social fields. Accordingly, the students become able and qualified to serve in the Units of the Ministry of Defence and the Sultan’s Armed Forces, after graduating from this lofty military academic edifice.

To conclude, the military life that you have been honored to join needs discipline, patience, endurance and sacrifice in order to build an exceptional military leadership personality. Therefore, I recommend you to be diligent and persistent, and to persist in research and knowledge in various fields of science and knowledge. Also, you should take advantage of all the opportunities available to you to develop yourselves, adhere to military discipline and to obey orders and to be distinguished by sincerity, honesty and honor. All these values will help you to serve your generous country and elevate its status, under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, the Supreme Commander – may God protect him.