Military Activities

Directorate of Military Activities

It is one of the main directorates of the Military Technological College (MTC), consisting of several different departments (Military Training Department, Security and Investigations Department, Sports Department and Student Supervision Unit). The Directorate undertakes the implementation of military training programs for the college students through various training stages. For the purpose of raising the level of physical fitness of the faculty members, students and employees, the directorate is equipped with a sports complex with international standards, and a highly qualified training staff.

Department of Military Training

It is one of the main departments of the Directorate of Military Activities, which means that the students in the MTC have to follow the military training curriculum during different training stages, throughout their study period at the college.  The department undertakes the implementation of a comprehensive military training curriculum aimed at developing in students the skills of military discipline and inculcating noble military values ​​and concepts in the hearts of students. It also caters for the needs of other units that benefit from the outputs of the college. The student is granted a certificate of passing the military training programme by the department after passing all the requirements of the programme.

The military training program for students starts from the date of enrolment in the MTC, and the programme is delivered in four phases for a period of four years in conjunction with the academic programme, which are as follows

The First Phase:

The military training programme is implemented on the college campus as soon as the student joins the college for a period of four consecutive weeks, with an average of seven hours per day for six days a week from Saturday to Thursday with a total of (42) hours per week and (168) hours in this phase.

The Continuous Training Phase:

This stage coincides with the student’s academic study period at a rate of (2 hours) per week, and is limited to the following:

  • Morning Assembly.
  • Sports Classes (Two classes per week for an hour.)
  • One Infantry Lesson (In the first week of every month.)
  • Cultural / military lectures and training programmes  (according to the available time slots during the academic years)


The Advanced Phase:

This phase is implemented at the beginning of each academic year for students who have passed the General Studies Programme (Foundation) courses and joined the engineering programmes in various disciplines, and it is divided as follows:

Level Three:

Before the beginning of this level, students receive military training for a period of 2 weeks on the college campus, which includes all the subjects they received in the first training phase.

Level Four:

Before the beginning of the fourth level, students receive military training for a period of 2 weeks. The first week is on the college campus and then the adventure course is implemented in the second week in coordination with the Command of the Royal Army of Oman and the Royal Air Force of Oman. The total number of training hours at this level is 84 hours.

Level Five:

The shooting programme is implemented for students before their enrolment in this level for a period of 2 weeks.

The Additional Phase:

It is an exceptional phase that comes as needed for students with a bachelor’s degree, through which the spirit of command and military discipline is instilled in all military fields in line with the policy of academic programmes.


Security Department

The Department of Security and Investigations is specialized in warding off everything that might disturb the security and safety of the human cadre, equipment, and tangible and intangible materials in the college. By qualified human cadre and highly efficient systems and comprehensive quality standards, the department, with high professionalism and in coordination with the relevant authorities, deals with all suspicious cases.

Department of Military Sports

The optimal growth of the military individual is one that includes a complete and balanced growth in terms of physical and rational aspects, given that sport training is an integral part of military training. We strongly believe in the close relationship between sport activities and academic achievement. The more the individual is practices physical activities, the more he is able to understand, and thus excel at academic achievement.

The Department of Military Sports in the Directorate of Military Activities undertakes the implementation of the sports training curriculum on students. It is supported by the presence of the sports complex and other sports facilities in the college to develop the physical fitness of the college’s employees. The sports training programme consists of the following: –

  • Basic fitness programme (It is implemented in the first four weeks of joining the college.)

Through this programme, students receive basic sports skills, health nutrition, as well as running classes, strengthening and Swedish exercises. The total training hours for this programme is (42) hours

  • The Continuous Physical Fitness programme (It is implemented by the end of the foundation programme, and continues up till the last academic semester for students in the advanced diploma, with an average of one session per week)

Students receive intense running and endurance exercises. They can also benefit from the gymnasium, and the continuous awareness-raising lectures that continuously contribute to cultivating students’ knowledge in science and sports

  • Basics of Swimming Course

It is held for one month for level-five students who specialize in marine engineering. It aims to develop the students’ basic skills in swimming, as they will join the Royal Navy of Oman. It also aims to make students familiar with these basics to keep pace with work requirements after graduation. Students are granted a certificate of passing the Basics of Swimming Course by the Sports department

  • The Adventure Course

It is carried out for level-four students for a week, and it is held in cooperation with the Sports Directorate of the Royal Air Force of Oman and the Adventure Training Centere of the Royal Army of Oman. The course aims to foster a sense of adventure and courage in students and to break the barrier of fear in order to develop an outstanding military personality. The course includes general awareness lectures on the importance of adventures, climbing and hiking programmes, as well as rowing, swimming and diving skills.

Student Supervision Unit

This unit is under the Directorate of Military Activities and it is concerned with managing students’ affairs and supervising them in residential buildings after official working hours. It deals with emergency reports that occur to students in coordination with all concerned within the college, with the aim of providing an appropriate and safe environment for students in residential buildings. It also works on developing the annual plan for student housing in cooperation with the College’s Housing Department. It is also concerned with placing requests for maintenance and monitoring buildings on an ongoing basis in order to maintain sustainability and keep up the overall appearance of the dormitories.