Joining Requirements

Joining Requirement:


  • Requirements for fresh graduate students HEAC Admission (Click here)
  • Direct Admission requirements for the previous years graduates (Click here)
  • Pass 4 entry tests (physics, computing, pure math, basic math) with a minimum score of 60% in each. Each student can check the modules descriptor that he will be tested in by clicking the following links:
Basic Math  Computing Physics Pure Math
Module Content Module Content Module Content Module Content
Module Content 2 Module Content 2 Module Content 2 Module Content 2
Exam Sample Exam Sample Exam Sample Exam Sample
Module Descriptor Module Descriptor Module Descriptor Module Descriptor


  • When joining the service, all students are required to sign a service contract as follows:


Medical Regulation

Students should fulfil the following medical requirements:

    • 160-185cm height
    • 18-25 kg average weight BMI
    • 6/9 sight both eyes accuracy without colour blindness
    • Normal blood pressure/pulse
    • They should be free from the following medical conditions:
      • Chronic conditions/diseases (blood pressure, diabetes, kidney, liver and heart failure)
      • Respiratory System diseases (bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonitis)
      • Heart diseases
      • ENT conditions
      • Digestive System diseases (abdomen pre-surgery; unless justified, hepatitis, enteritis, pancreatitis)
      • Urinary System diseases (uni-testicle, testicles swelling, hernia, uni-kidney)
      • Nervous System diseases (hemiplegia or weakness in nerves and/or movement)
      • Muscular/Skeletal System diseases (gonycampsis, rhaeboscelia, thumb prominence, muscular atrophy, fractures)
      • Skin diseases/conditions (psoriasis, vitiligo, leprosy, clear burns)
      • Other diseases (psychological disorders, and rare eye diseases)