There are two ways to join MTC:

  1. HEAC: Recruitment of fresh graduate students to the MTC service units is the same process used by Higher Education Admissions Centre (HEAC). Click Here


  1. Direct Entry: the candidates will submit his application online and select multiple units which will be active in the new academic year. Prepare the MTC requirements for all Omani Secondary Schools and also all Omani International Schools, and also advertise in newspapers. Click Here.
  1. HEAC
Programs Marks Other criteria
Chief of Staff of the Sultan’s Armed Forces, Royal Army of Oman, Royal Navy of Oman , MoD Engineering Services Pass all subjects with average grade (55%)

in the following subjects:

English Language

Pure Mathematics



·       Medical check

·       Academic interviews (if required)

·       services interviews

·       Entry tests (if required)

Royal Air Force of Oman Pass all subjects with average grade (60%)

in the following subjects:

English Language

Pure Mathematics


Oman Air Pass all subjects with average grade (65%)

Minimum grade (65%) in each of the following subjects:

English Language

Pure Mathematics


* The admission percentages are subjected to change.

  1. Direct Entry
Programs Marks Other criteria
Chief of staff of the armed forces

 Royal Army of Oman

Royal Air Force of Oman

 Royal Navy of Oman

MoD Engineering Services 

English Language –

Pure Mathematics –

Physics –


·       Medical check

·       Academic interviews (if required)

·       Units interviews

·       Entry tests (if required)

* (Marks/ Scores will be updated soon)

In case that a student brings IELTS 5.0 Band Score or above, he will have to take exit tests in Basic Math, Pure Math, Computing and Physics. If he scores 60% or above in all of them, he will join to the Engineering program immediately. However, any failure in any of the above mentioned modules means that he should join the General Studies Department and study the module that he fails in.

MTC going to grants all its graduates an Advanced Diploma or a Bachelor’s degree (BEng) that is internationally recognized by University of Portsmouth by fulfilling the academic and military requirements.  This is applied for all MTC units without any exemption

MTC follows a yearly learning system.

General Foundation Program: there are 3 terms each term consists of 13-14 weeks.

Engineering Program: there are 2 semesters; each semester consists of 18-19 weeks.

Programme Duration Notes
General Foundation Programme 2 years at maximum Average 5.0 in the Academic IELTS as minimum, completing the GFP requirements and without repeating each module twice
First year in Engineering  (L 3) 1 year
Second  year in Engineering  (L 4) Advanced Diploma 1 year
Third  year in Engineering  (L 5) 1 year
Fourth year in Engineering  (L 6) BEng 1 year

MTC does not apply equating modules

  1. Students enrolled in the foundation program receive a monthly allowance of (= / 80 R.O ).
  2. Students enrolled in the Engineering program to the advanced diploma receive allowance of (= / 125 R.O).
  3. Students enrolled in the Engineering program for the Final year (BEng) will receive a monthly allowance of (= / 250 R.O). During the study.

MTC, in coordination with the beneficiaries, ensures that its graduates have career opportunities after graduation in accordance with the accepted program and the regulations.

MOD Advanced diploma graduates will be recruited at MOD and SAF, and awarded a sergeant rank for Advanced Diploma graduates and staff sergeant for BEng graduates. For other services and unit outside MOD, the service contracts vary, as detailed in their contract. .

The Military Training had been adopted to prepare the students for the academic program which starts by four continues weeks of training before the foundation program and then the military training will consist of lectures and sports twice a week( one hour for each lecture) as well as advanced military training programs.

Students are allowed to leave the college during the week, twice for engineering students and once a week for the GSD students.

Once the student is enrolled at MTC with certain service, he is not allowed to change it.

After completion of the advanced diploma, students will be committed to a service contract (10 years’ service contract in Ministry of Defense). For those who are unfortunate in nomination to be an officer through a special committee; his service contract will be for 5 years and it is renewable.

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During the study. 3 meals daily, Accommodation, health care, sport clothing, Wi-Fi, uniforms with laundry will be free provided for all students, primary health care and risk insurance.

MTC is academically associated with the University of Portsmouth (UoP), UK and a number of specialized professional institutions in United Kingdom

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The Military Technical College contains (55) facilities, which were established with an estimated area of 220 thousand square meters, and these facilities vary between classes buildings, workshops, student and staff dormitories, administrative buildings and other support services. These facilities were designed with the highest standards and specifications of architecture in terms of design quality with implementing the health and safety requirements.

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  • Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor Degree from both Military Technological College and University of Portsmouth.
  • GSD Certificate
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Military Training Certificate
  • Technical Competence Training Certificate