Handing Over Aeronautical Training Equipment

Training equipment has been handed over to Aeronautical Department at MTC in the presence of Major General \ Mttar bin Ali Alobaidani, Chief of BODS of MTC, His Exellence Hamish Koel, Ambassador of the United Kingdom appointed by the Sultanate, a group of Senior Officers and other Officers of MTC and a delegation from Pennant International. These equipment is considered to be one of the latest technologies that simulates the real maintenance and repair of aircrafts. It also, provides special control systems of aircrafts in a safe and active training environment for students of Aircrafts Mechanics and Electronics discipline, which includes different activities of operational maintenance of hydraulic aircrafts, aircrafts control devices and landing and rotation gear. These equipment covers many other control systems in aircrafts starting from the basic maintenance to wire-based and active control techniques of aircrafts. In addition, it allows the trainer to enter simulation errors from the control station in order to train students to discover, analyze and solve systems problems. All students’ efforts and projects are saved in a main database for reference. Students are trained to move to the next stage, which is applying methods and skills, they learned before, in real aircrafts by the help of a well trained specialists. This systematic way of training actually, reduces the risk and saves the efforts and costs involved. These equipment were made by Pennant International, specialized in manufacturing aeronautical simulators and virtual reality devices, which provides solutions that help students to make use of modern training means in practical training of aircrafts operating and maintenance.