Four Lectures Organized to MTC Students

Admission & Registration Department (A&R), in cooperation with the Military Activities Department, organized four lectures to GSD & Engineering students during last month. The lectures were entitled, “Optimism”, “Understand your Personality to Learn”, “Pre-marital Medical Check” and “Psychological and Academic Pre-test Preparation”.

The first two lectures were presented by a team from A&R involving Mul.1/ Khalfan bin Said Al Suti, Civilian / Khalid bin Hilal Al Suwafi and Asma bint Mohamed Al Baloushi. The first lecture included a debate with two Engineering students, Omar bin Humaid Al-Jaradi and Murtada bin Mohammed Al-Ajmi, who talked about goals and ambitions in life and the challenges that may face the student and how to overcome them. The second part of the lecture discussed the Law of Attraction Energy and the positives of having an engineering career path.

The team gave another lecture entitled “Understand your Personality to Learn”, which discussed “learning difficulties” and “the difference between typical learning and active learning and their strategies”. The team also presented learning patterns such as the auditory pattern, visual pattern and kinesthetic pattern and their significance in learning and acquiring knowledge.

Dr. Abeer bint Anwar Al-Sayegh, Head of Genetics Department at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Head of the Omani Genetics Association, and Amal bint Saleh Al Foori, Genetic Advisor in the Department of Genetics at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital presented the third lecture on Pre-marital Medical Examination and the most common genetic diseases.

The fourth lecture was entitled “Psychological and Academic Pre-tests Preparation,” presented by Nqb. Hussain bin Mansour Al-Rashdi and Suhair bint Said Al Amri, Vice-Chairman of the Youth

Psychology Volunteer Group. The lecture aimed at highlighting the significance of psychological and academic preparation before examinations. These lectures are part of a series of awareness and educational lectures organized by the A&R Department in cooperation with the Directorate of Military Activities.