“Be Keen” a Valuable Lecture for GS Students

Admin and Registration Department, in cooperation with Directorate of Military Activities, has given a valuable lecture entitled “Be Keen” for General Studies Students.

The lecture was given by Haitham Al Harthy, the HOD of Admin and Registration, and Khalid Al Sawafi. The lecture included providing the students with a set of tips, guidance and motivation as they are starting the third semester for this academic year. The lecturers also discussed how a student should behave in a classroom, what are the requirements to achieve the desired band score in IELTS, the significance of communication between the students, their academic supervisors and their parents. Using emails to communicate with the teachers, following the rules and instructions in the college, plagiarism and exams violations and Bachelor Degree requirements were also discussed during this Lecture.   

This lecture is actually, part of a series of awareness lectures organized by the Department of Admission and Registration aimed at increasing the awareness of students on many important topics, so as to serve students to understand their scientific and practical path alike.