Learning Resource Services


Self Check

In February 2014 a SelfCheck self-service system was installed. Using three self-service kiosks patrons can borrow, renew and return books themselves, independently of Library staff. The SelfCheck™ kiosks are extremely easy to use and display instructions for use in either English or Arabic. A 3M Digital Drop Box located by the Library entrance allows users to return books when the Library is closed.


The Library uses a modern Library Management System – Cirqa from IS Oxford,UK – to manage its day-to-day operations. The system isweb-based, designed for use by smaller Libraries, and is widely used in schools and colleges in the United Kingdom. Cirqa can link with external databases, electronic books and electronic journals, and it can use the Z39.50 communications protocol allowing it to connect to the databases of other Libraries. Cirqa can provide a wide range of statistical and non-statistical reports which provide the information to allow staff to manage the Library operations effectively.


The Library is developing a Periodicals collection consisting of around 100 subscriptions to popular magazine and magazines for English language teachers. This is to encourage staff and students to come into the Library to use it as place for relaxation as well as for academic study. The Periodicals Collection will be located on the 1st floor of the Library and will have appropriate shelving and seating to maximize the use of this collection. Eventually this collection will be supplemented by more academic journals in both printed and electronic form.


The Library is divided into two functional divisions:

  • The Technical Services division is responsible for the acquisition, cataloguing and indexing of resources (both printed and electronic)
  • Public Services division is responsible for the circulation of stock, reference services and user education.


Currently the borrowing regulations are as follows:

  • Students may borrow three books (for 14 days) from the main collection, plus two books (for 90 days) from the Recreational Reading collection.
  • Staff may borrow five books (for 21 days) from the main collection, plus two books (for 90 days) from the recreational reading collection.
  • Faculty may borrow five books (for 35 days) from the main collection, plus two books (for 90 days) from the recreational reading collection.


The Library is open during term time from 07:30–21:00 weekdays and is closed at weekends and on public holidays. Library staff are on duty from 7:30–14:00 with a security presence from 14:00–20:00. During vacation time, the Library is open from 07:30–14:00


A list of Library Regulations – approved by the College Dean – has been drawn up and these are displayed at a number of locations throughout the Library and at the Library entrance. A full list of the Library Regulations can be obtained by emailing library@mtc.edu.om