Joining Requirements



To enter MTC, students must:

  • Complete the 2014/2015 general diploma or its equivalent.
  • Pass the English entry test, medical examinations and interview.
  • Fulfill the program’s requirements, including the competitive average and seats available in each program.
  • Undergo military training during the period of study at MTC.
  • Complete the foundation program’s requirements (within 2 years at maximum), plus 5.0 in the IELTS at minimum.
  • After completion of the foundation program, students will be distributed to their main specializations according to their choice, average and service requirements.
  • After completion of the advanced diploma or BEng , students will be committed to  a service contract
  • Students are not allowed to withdraw from the college, unless this withdrawal is attributed to serious circumstances, such as illness or other personal issues supported by the MTC admin.
  • Students whose their names appear in the first list will only be accepted.
  • The 2015/2016 academic year will be restricted to male students only.
  • When joining service, all students are required to sign a service contract as follows:
    •  Ministry of Defence (MOD) – 10 years
    • Royal Court Affairs (RCA) – 8 years
    • Oman Air – 7 years​