Chairman’s Message


At Military Technological College (MTC) we believe that success is realized through knowledge and perseverance. The new cross service MTC has been established with intent on becoming a Center of Excellence in engineering education.
Located in one purpose-built, state-of-the-art, well-resourced, the intent is that MTC will be amongst the world’s best in the field of military and applied non-military technological education and training providers in the world.
Education provision at MTC will reflect top vocational excellence in higher education and training in a range of engineering disciplines. MTC Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Engineering awards are being validated at national and international level and are also being accredited by a range of Professional Engineering Institutions.
This will enable graduates apply for professional status as Incorporated and Chartered Engineering, and the prestigious EASA aircraft maintenance licence for graduates of aeronautical engineering.
In addition to underpinning knowledge, academic qualifications and graduate professional statues, MTC will equip graduates with competences which will benefit them throughout their careers, both within military service and by seamless career transfer into civilian life.
The graduates will be employed in the Service to which they have been assigned during their course of studies, making MTC an ideal place to commence a lifelong professional career in technology and engineering.

Royal Airforce Commander / Matar bin Ali bin Matar Al-Obaidani
Chairman, Board of Directors – MTC