Academic Collaborative Partnership

The partnership remit includes:

  • Validation of the MTC engineering programs.
  • Overseeing implementation of a Quality Assurance Framework of equivalent standard to the University.
  • Implementation of teaching quality control to the means and standards of the University.
  • Monitoring staff appointments, thus ensuring qualifications and experiences are relevant to the teaching requirements of the college and are at a level expected of a leading higher education establishment.
  • Creation of systems and standards which will enhance student experience during the course of their studies at MTC.
  • Assisting where required in helping develop a research culture within the college.​
Academic Accreditation Authority

In addition to validation by the University of Portsmouth and accreditation via the professional engineering ECUK representative institutions, MTC and its suite of programmes will also be validated through presentation of the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).


MTC Standards

In addition to achieving high levels of professionally accredited internationally conferred academic and professionally recognised subject standards, MTC will achieve clear competence and performance measures as defined by the MOD TNA and international competence standards. The MTC will deliver, optimise and extend the existing MOD OPS technician skill-base without compromise. Optimisation will be achieved through accrediting competence and learning in a way that enables MOD learners, throughout their careers, to work towards a degree and towards professional Incorporated and Chartered Engineer status.